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Grupo Lins was founded at the late 50s and, since then, aims at marketing, importing, and exporting food products in general. In addition to importing and exporting noble grains, as pepper, quinoa, amaranth, sesame seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds, the Group also currently markets extra virgin olive oil and wines. It operates in the agribusiness sector with soybean, corn, sunflower, beans, and sugar cane plantations in the countryside of the states of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul. In the Food-Service segment, together with Crista Indústria, they produce vegetable oils, margarines, and shortening in the plant located in Indaiatuba. All brands are well known in the market given their reliability, ethics, and high-technology-based production.


This variety of business units, combined with the focus on the quality of all of our operations, is what ensures the competitive advantage of Grupo Lins during this period of more than 50 years in the market.





Top-quality products imported from Greece. Kalamata olive oil and olives.
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Greek Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Can of 3 Liters or box with 4 units.

Greek Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Bottle of 500 mL or box with 12 units.

Kalamata Greek Olives

Jar of 200 grams or boxes with 15 or 30 units.

Kalamata Greek HUGE Olives

Jar of 2 Kg or box with 4 units.

Kalamata Greek GIANT Olives

Jar of 12 Kg.

Kalamata Greek Sliced Olives

Container of 10 Kg.

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