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Palm and Cottonseed Oil: new in the market! More resistant, of great performance and healthier

Always innovating, Crista brings to the market Palm and Cottonseed Oils. New in the market, palm oil is trans-fat free and source of vitamin E, acting as a natural antioxidant. The product is perfect to be used as cooking and frying oil, and it may also be used in breads, cakes, pies, and cookies. And it also has the advantage of being healthier and very cost-effective. The product is available in bulk packages, boxes or buckets of 14.5 kg. Cottonseed Oil, on its turn, is more resistant to oxidation, which allows it to be used more times with good quality, keeping its sensory characteristics. High in vitamin E, it is a source of Omega-3- and -6-fatty acids and trans-fat free – benefits maintained even after being heated during the frying process, which does not occur with other vegetable oils. Available in bulk packages or buckets of 14.5 kg.

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